Seeds Seeds Seeds 23 Jan 0
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Seeds Seeds Seeds

With the cold, snowy, rainy, winter weather we are having, it is a great time to decide what you want to sow in mid-February for your vegetable or flower garden this spring. I buy seeds from three sources; bulk (from my friendly Ace hardware store), seed packs like the ones…

This Holly Gets Big 13 Jan 0
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This Holly Gets Big

One of the common hollies folks like to use in many builder landscapes today is Nellie R. Stevens holly. This is a fine holly, and when used correctly, makes a beautiful specimen (like the one in the image above), or a great tall hedge that can or cannot be pruned…

Time to Bag Those Bagworms! 09 Jan 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

Time to Bag Those Bagworms!

“When did worms start wearing bags over their bodies, sort of like humans wearing camouflage? That’s kind of sneaky, hiding in a “bag” of plant debris that grows in size as the worm inside gets bigger.” In our landscapes, we usually don’t notice a small conical structure that to some…

Pollarding Crepe Myrtle 09 Jan 1
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Pollarding Crepe Myrtle

There is nothing  understated about the blooms of crepe myrtles that have been pollarded (cut back to a given point) year after year. The distinctive arthritic “knuckle” that results from this yearly abuse throws off long, vigorous shoots which end in outsize blooms in the long, hot weeks of summer….

Growing Conifers in Containers 09 Jan 0
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Container Gardening

Growing Conifers in Containers

If you like conifers in containers, give them a try. I consider them really easy and uncomplicated. None of that designing business, that color combination challenge, those plant compatibility issues. Just plant it, water it, feed it lightly on a regular basis, and TURN it. Did I lose you at…

Pruning Peegee Hydrangeas 09 Jan 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Pruning Peegee Hydrangeas

It is finally cold enough that I consider most plants dormant, and I have a lot of pruning ahead of me. Above, you see an unpruned Hydrangea paniculata v. grandiflora (peegee hydrangea). Notice the four feet of stem growth from 2015, with the big, dried hydrangea blooms. This five year…

Christmas Rose Helleborus 04 Jan 0
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Christmas Rose Helleborus

Today, the first of our helleborus are in bloom. Helleborus niger, or Christmas rose, is aptly named. Usually pure white, the blooms are produced in clumps standing about a foot above the foliage. Unlike the more common, less expensive hybrid helleborus, this larger flower is more outward (rather than downward)…